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My eHEALTH provides an intuitive, secure, web-based method for patients to access portions of their medical records through our secure website. My eHEALTH also offers secure communications between patients and their care providers. This is available from any computer with internet access.


When you log into My eHEALTH, you will be able to view portions of your medical record, such as medications, immunizations, allergies, lab results, and appointments and you will have the ability to request updates to your posted information. In addition, MY eHEALTH offers you a way to communicate with your physician at your convenience.


My eHEALTH is not a substitute for an office visit, but it does offer another way to communicate with your physician when you have routine questions or minor concerns. Secure messages can be sent from My eHEALTH to the appropriate staff at Watertown Family Practice and are added to their daily workflow. For example, prescription refills are generally processed within 24 hours (which is faster than if you called your pharmacy or the office during business hours).


Feel free to download our forms:

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Please note that patient portal messages are only checked during regular business hours.

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