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Patient Portal FAQs

Greetings!  Recently Watertown Family Practice transitioned to a new medical records system.  Patients now have access to a new and improved patient portal, the AthenaHealth Patient Portal.  Our old portal, My eHealth, is no longer being updated with data from Watertown Family Practice.  The AthenaHealth Patient Portal enables you to view your medical records, interact with providers, pay bills, book appointments, and much more.  Our providers and staff are very excited to interact with you via this secure platform. To help you get started, here are some answers to commonly asked questions.


1. Where is the app?

There is no app to download! Just click the “Access Patient Portal” button on our website and you’ll be taken directly to the portal log in screen.  If you’re on a mobile device it will load the mobile version of the portal.  If you’re on a desktop it will load the full site.  You can view the full site on the mobile version as well by clicking “Full Site” on the bottom of the page once you sign in to the portal.


2. Does it matter which Internet browser I use?

Yes, it does.  The AthenaHealth Patient Portal is optimized to run on Google Chrome and Safari.  These are the most common browsers on mobile devices and computers.  For a more reliable and fluid experience we recommend you use one of those preferred browsers.  Internet Explorer is not supported.  You can download Google Chrome for free at


3. How do I access the portal?

1. Go to

2. Click the “Access Patient Portal” button.  It will take you directly to the login page at

3. Select the “Log in with AthenaHealth” button

4. Enter your email address (The one you gave us when you scheduled your appointment)

5. Enter your password

6. Select the “Log In” button

7. Voila!


4. What if I don’t have an email address?

You will need an email address to benefit from the features available on our patient portal.  You can sign up for a free email with Google by going to


If you need extra assistance setting up an email account please speak to one of our friendly front desk personnel or your provider at your next appointment.


5. What if I share an email address with my spouse (children, etc.)?

No problem!  If multiple family members are registering with a single email address we can handle that by registering the whole family under one account.  However, this means all the healthcare information for all parties will be viewable under one login.  If you’d like to keep your information protected then you’ll need to create your own email.  See “What if I don’t have an email address?” above for assistance with setting up an email.


6. How do I get access to the accounts of my children or others I have permission to view?

First make sure you are viewing the full version of the website and not the mobile version.  If you’re on a mobile device and logged in to the portal, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Full Site”.  This will load the portal in the full desktop version on your mobile device.  Now you’re ready to get access to your family members.


1. Select the dropdown arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the screen.

2. At the bottom of that menu select “Family Access Settings”.  This brings you to the Family Access page where you can request access to other patients and view or manage others who have access to your account.

3. To add a family member, select “Add Patient”.

4. Enter the required information for the patient you wish to access.  The information must match exactly with the information we have in our system for that patient.  So make sure you use the phone number and email address (if applicable) that were used when the patient was registered at Watertown Family Practice.

5. Select “Continue”.

6. You will then need to confirm your identity by entering a temporary passcode which will be sent automatically when you complete the next step.  Select how you would like to receive the temporary passcode (Email, Call, or Text).

7. Select “Send Code”

8. Enter the temporary passcode that you receive and select “Continue”.


Completing the above steps will provide access to the complete account of minors.  However, for adults this will only grant access to billing information.  To get full access to another adult please contact our front desk after you have completed the above steps so we can complete further identity verification.


7. How do I toggle between different accounts I have been granted access to?

1. Log in to the portal.

a. On the mobile version select the dropdown menu next to your name at the bottom of the screen.

i. Scroll and select the desired account.

b. On the Full Site select the dropdown arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the screen.

i. Select the desired account.


8. What if I forgot my password?

Don’t worry you’re not the first person to forget their password and you won’t be the last!

1. Go to the portal log in screen at and select “Forgot your password?”

2. Enter your email address and select “Email Me”.  A password reset email will be sent to you.

3. Check your email for the instructions to reset your password.

4. Still having trouble?  Send us an email at and we’ll look at things on our end.


Did we answer your question?

If not, send your question to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We will update our FAQs so the next person can benefit from your question, too!















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